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Contrarian Investment Strategy

Contrarian investment strategy is investing in contrast to the prevailing sentiment of the time. A contrarian investor believes that certain crowd behavior among investors can lead to opportunities in securities markets.

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Preferred Stocks Investing

Writing this blog about dividend growth investment strategy, I had to write about preferred stocks investing. One can say a preferred stock is a hybrid. It may be half a common stock and half a bond. Preferred stock are those stocks that give regular stable dividends. They provide top priority over all other stocks. Common […] – the premier investing blog

An Investment Blog about Dividend Growth Investment Investments Update On the first day of every month Investments Ideas Investments on our Watch List Networth Update On the 15th day of every month Value Investing Principals and discipline ”It is not because you are invested in the stock market that you should risk it all. – […]


This is not only another personal finance blog. It is an investment blog. It is a vehicule for personal discipline and a way to focus our financial goals using dividend growth investing strategy. is an investing blog about my personal strategy. It is not written by a professionnal advisor or stock broker. The blog […]